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Design and Development

Our manufacturing goes beyond supplying sub-assemblies to your final assembly line. We now deliver your complete custom product to your customer or distribution point.

We have developed a process that enables us to be part of your product development team from design, to manufacturing and purchasing of components, to final assembly and test.

Product Realization Planning - Before your project is released to production, every aspect of it is discussed by the team responsible for it. This includes Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, Purchasing and Quality Assurance. This provides everyone with the project a full understanding of their Customer/Supplier requirements.

Engineering - Design for manufacturing is critical to the success of new project development. Trident offers you experience at the design level. One of the main focal points of our Engineering group is to assist our customers with design review, design for manufacturability, and design for cost reduction. Through this process we offer support from concept to prototype all the way through production.

Materials Management - Our goal is to expedite your orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. Direct links to our computer system allows orders to be placed, monitored, verified and even invoiced at the touch of a keyboard. Whether it's your supplier base or ours, our materials management group will insure we have the right components at the assembly site when they are needed.

Manufacturing - Our manufacturing group can handle the most intricate of components including prototypes, turnings, brackets, frames, baffles, and covers. The manufacturing process, whether it be a sheet metal component, assembly, or a Custom Product, is statistically monitored by the operator utilizing a computerized data collection unit. These units offer the operator immediate feedback on process performance.

Tool Room - Your tools and fixtures will be designed, built and maintained by our Tool Room craftsmen. Once the tool is built, the toolmaker completes a full inspection and a 30-piece histogram to determine initial capability. This ensures your tool will provide the highest quality components available.

Assembly - Our assembly group develops quality processes to assemble small mechanical and electro-mechanical sub-assemblies. We use that same process to develop assembly plans for our large 600-component custom products. We assemble, test and ship complete custom end item products to our Customers' distribution sites guaranteeing against any defects due to workmanship.

Quality Assurance - We develop a thorough quality plan for your product. The plan includes procedures to insure the quality of each component, the assembly process and final run and test processes. The final run and test processes are developed along with you to ensure the right characteristics are being monitored.

Reliability - We're constantly improving our quality process to increase component and assembly reliability to meet our internal goal of Cp/Cpk values of 2.0 or better. What does this mean to you? Increased customer satisfaction and lower warranty costs.

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