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File Acceptance

We can read a wide array of file types. Listed below are our main file types that we read, if you have a different file format, contact us and we will work with you to get your file to us in the correct format.

SolidWorks Files (*.sldprt;*.sldasm;*.slddrw)
Part (*.prt;*.sldprt)
Assembly (*.asm;*sldasm)
Drawing (*.drw;*.slddrw)
DXF (*.dxf)
DWG (*.dwg)
Lib Feat Part (*.lfp;*sldlfp)
Template (*.prtdot;*.asmdot;*.drwdot)
Parasolid (*.x_t;*.x_b;*.xmt_txt;*.xmt_bin)
IGES (*.igs;*.iges)
STEP AP203/214 (*.step;*.stp)
ACIS (*.sat)
VDAFS (*.vda)
VRML (*.wrl)
STL (*.stl)
Catia Graphics (*.cgr)
ProE Part (*.prt;*.prt.*;*.xpr)
ProE Assembly (*.asm;*.asm.*;*.xas)
UGII (*.prt)
Inventor Part (*.ipt)
Solid Edge Part (*.par)
Solid Edge Assembly (*.asm)
CADKEY (*.prt;*.ckd)
Add-ins (*.dll)
IDF (*.emm;*.brd;*.bdf;*.idb)

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